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UK Nationality and Citizenship

There are many types of British Nationality or Citizenship:

  • British Citizenship
  • British Overseas terrotories citizen
  • British overseas citizen
  • British subject
  • British national (overseas)
  • British protected person

Of the above, the only one that allows you to live and work in the UK without a visa is British citizenship. Determining whether an individual qualifies as a British citizen depends on where and when they were born and their parents' circumstances.

Adults who were not born British would need to go through the Naturalisation process to become a British citizen. To apply to naturalise as a British citizen, they will have to fulfill the residency requirements and hold Indefinite Leave to Remain or Permanent Residence. They willl also need to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the English Language, and Life in the UK, be of good character, and have the intention to make the UK their home. Good character is based on previous immigration history and an individual's criminal history.

Children under the age of 18 years can become a British citizen through Registration. Although not all the conditions stated for adults, eg to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the English Language and Life in the UK are required, anyone over the age of 10 is still required to be of good character.